As an authorized dealer of Fabuwood cabinets, we offer Allure, and Illume collections, blending style, quality, and affordability. Fabuwood shaker cabinets, modern slab cabinets, dovetail construction, stained or painted options, soft close Blum accessories and hardware. Fabuwood 3D kitchen design and price quote.


Fabuwood Allure Galaxy Cabinets

A timeless shaker style design with advanced soft-close technology, and a range of elegant finishes. Fabuwood's Allure Galaxy cabinets feature full overlay doors with mortise and tenon construction, complemented by solid wood frames and a durable MDF center panel.

10 Foot Run: $1,999
10 X 10 L Shaped: $2,499


Fabuwood Allure Luna Cabinets

Premium cabinets with full overlay doors, crafted from solid wood or and featuring moisture-resistant MDF/veneer center panels. Enjoy advanced Blum hinges for a soft-close experience, and seamless functionality with full extension concealed drawers. Fabuwood's Luna is perfect for a refined and elegant slim shaker style kitchen, bar, or bathroom.

10 Foot Run: $1,999
10 X 10 L Shaped: $2,499

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How does ensure the quality of Fabuwood cabinets?

What is the Q12 standard for cabinets?

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What kind of warranty does offer on Fabuwood cabinets?

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At, we proudly guarantee the lowest prices on Fabuwood cabinets. Our confidence comes from the fact that we are a direct authorized dealer with no other middlemen between us and Fabuwood. This direct relationship allows us to offer the best value without sacrificing quality or style. We strive to provide competitive pricing so you can create your dream kitchen on any budget. Shop with confidence knowing that at, you’re getting the best deal on top-quality Fabuwood cabinetry.

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Discover the Excellence of Fabuwood's Q12 Quality Rating

From, an Authorized Dealer of Fabuwood Cabinetry. What exactly defines a Q12 cabinet?

Q1. Carefully Selected Elements

Ensuring the absolute integrity of our product starts with choosing only "Grade-A" materials. At, we are sure that Fabuwood will make no compromises along the way, ensuring that every element in Fabuwood cabinets meets the highest standards of quality.

Q2. Pro-Touch Techniques

Fabuwood’s Allure and Illume cabinets feature high-end finishes that are both beautiful and durable. The distinctive pro-touch techniques ensure a sustainable and resilient cabinet finish that is easy to clean and retains its luster for years.

Q3. Advanced Construction

Utilizing superior, innovative methods like Allure Dovetail and Illume Threespine construction, Fabuwood cabinets are built for a lifetime of use. These advanced construction techniques ensure utmost strength and attention to detail.

Q4. Anti-Warp Structures

Crafted to perfection, Fabuwood cabinets are engineered to eliminate warping, ensuring they withstand elemental pressures. Each component is designed for unfailing durability, providing long-lasting reliability that homeowners can trust.

Q5. Metal Shelf Clips

To maximize shelf stability and longevity, Fabuwood cabinets are equipped with sturdy metal shelf clips. This feature guarantees that your shelves will stand the test of time, maintaining their structural integrity for years to come.

Q6. Tough Back Builds

The Allure and Illume series boast tough back builds that ensure superior structural longevity and easy installation. Rigorous pressure testing guarantees that these cabinets won't give in, even under the most demanding conditions.

Q7. Flush Fit

For an attractive appearance that is both convenient and practical, Q12 cabinets are built with a flush fit. This design ensures smooth surfaces and easy access, enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen.

Q8. Unique Interiors

The interior finish of Fabuwood cabinets is as important as the exterior. High-end, unique interior finishes offer a clean and sophisticated look, ensuring that your cabinets are as beautiful inside as they are outside.

Q9. One-Click Installation

Incorporating cutting-edge Blum Compact Clip Hinges, Fabuwood cabinets allow for lightning-fast one-click installation and release. This feature, along with the soft-close action, ensures a hassle-free and efficient installation process.

Q10. Fluid Full-Extension

Fabuwood cabinets feature smooth full-extension glides, guaranteeing enhanced running action that maximizes storage capacity. With Blum’s tandem plus runners and soft-closing technology, these cabinets utilize space efficiently while preventing damage and deterioration.

Q11. EZ Level Drawer Fronts

To achieve a graceful balance and ensure proper drawer alignment and function, Fabuwood cabinets use an effortless system for perfectly positioned drawer faces. This degree of mechanical precision is applied to both framed and frameless products.

Q12. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fabuwood’s limited lifetime warranty is a testament to their commitment to quality and excellence. At, we stand behind every Fabuwood cabinet, reflecting our pledge to deliver an immaculate product poised for a lifetime of use.